Thursday, October 21, 2010

Smokey and the Bandit and a Hot Dog

I found my new favorite website for this week: Fiverr. Where crazy/talented/broke people offer up what they'll do for $5 and lazy/bored/crazy people like me give them $5 to do it. It is a wonderful time-suck seeing what I'm willing to pay $5 for. For my first purchase, should I pay $5 to the woman who would video herself rapping to any Miley Cyrus song to send to my Miley-lovin' disgruntled co-worker? Or pay $5 to the man who would explain any tough Bible question to me and the readers of the Texarkana Dispatch? I decided to pay $5 to the woman who would dance to a song of my choice dressed in a hot dog costume because I like hot dogs. I mean, I've been dieting recently and, mmmmm, hot dog.

I paid my $5 and briefly considered, then rejected, having Haleylujah dance to REM's Texarkana or Insane Clown Posse's Miracles. But then I remembered that the Bandit escaped Smokey as he drove that Trans Am from Texarkana to Jerry Reed's East Bound and Down:

Hot Dog! I think my favorite part is the "get the trucker to honk" move at about 1 minute in. Yours?

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