Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Party in the USA!

(photo by Neven)

We had a baby shower at work today for "disgruntled coworker."  He's into Miley Cyrus (ironically?) so we ordered an ice cream cake that was supposed to say "Baby in the USA!" on a plain cake top. I can't tell if it does, what with all the caramel and candies under the wobbly lettering.

The nutty thing is, when another (not disgruntled) coworker picked up the cake, the ice cream store employee said this was the second one they made. She had to totally redo it, she said, because the first one was "embarrassing." She said she told the person who made the first cake "you have to make the cake so that you'd want to eat it."

I guess she wanted to eat strawberry ice cream instead of the cookies and cream we ordered, because that's what we got. 

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