Sunday, August 29, 2010

Who wants to get wet?

This weekend in DC has made me think I was back in Texarkana, what with all the public displays of religiosity.  Yesterday, the Glenn Beck prayer-a-thon on the mall, and today the fire hose baptisms in front of the UHOP-FAP church in my neighborhood.

Before the fire hoses were pulled out, the shout band was jammin and the preacher kept asking "Who wants to get wet?" "Who wants to be touched?" and "What do you need to be touched?"  He kept saying the answer was "Faith" but all I could think with my dirty dirty mind was some variety of "That's what she said."

Most folks were wearing all white and several women wore shower caps to protect their hair:

Then it was time for the baptism by fire hose.  The water was spraying everywhere:  

I stood back behind the spray line because I had on a black bra under my white t-shirt.  Out of respect for the solemnity.  And because I'm a heathen.  

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