Thursday, December 10, 2009

A Holiday Carol Edition

I hate how, at this time of year, the dominant American Christian culture seems to forget that this is not a homogenous society.

If I could rewrite today:  I would have stolen the batteries and plug from the CD player down the hall before someone played Christmas music at our otherwise secular office holiday party.  Also:  on the way to the bathroom, I would have stepped on (oops!) the strands of red and green Christmas lights lying on the hall floor before they were hung up. 

And yet, what I would not have rewritten today:  seeing Scrooge.  Specifically, seeing Scrooge smoking a cigarette and drinking a coffee behind Ford's Theater before (after?  during?) a production of A Christmas Carol.  

I've previously posted a picture showing the view of the back of Ford's Theater from my office.  Today, mere minutes before the start of our office party, a co-worker looked out one of my office windows and saw this:

The windows My mad picture taking skillz are a little dirty sucky right now.  The closeup:

At this point, another co-worker banged on the window to get their attention.  It took a while, but they looked up and waved.  My mad picture taking skillz are even worse on this extreme closeup:

As the secular Tiny Tim might rewrite it:  Spirit Dedicate us, Every One!

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Anonymous said...

This is great! Thank you for posting ~ Made my Saturday night!