Sunday, June 1, 2008

Compare and Contrast (Privately) Edition

Hi all. So, this is an invite only blog now, due to certain work issues. I'm sure I'll have to tweak things some in coming days/weeks to address some of those issues. As for invites, I just copied some of my address book, so some folks who have never read this before may have been invited. Hi! But, I know there are some friends of friends who read this who I don't have an email for. Feel free to pass on my address and I'll invite.

Anyway, thought I'd do a compare and contrast, Texarkana v. D.C. First, the view from my Texarkana office window of county jail, with tanks on rail cars behind:

And the view from my DC office window of back of Ford's Theater, with construction in the alley down which John Wilkes Booth escaped:

Certainly, the windows through which I view DC are cleaner than those I had in TXK, but why I can't seem to escape views of despair, I don't know.

Speaking of alleys, here's a picture of a sign at the end of an alley I walk down in my neighborhood, which I saw referred to as "le slum historique," on the way to work:

Kind of reminiscent of a Texarkanan landlord's signs, no?

Love from the alleys,

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