Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Welcome to Chinatown! Edition

Hello from DC. I got here before the holiday weekend and on my first walk around my new neighborhood, was blocked from several sidewalks by a whole bunch of construction. So I explored the next neighborhood over -- Chinatown. Almost experienced orgasm with so many choices so close by: not only chinese, but burmese, vietnamese, and japanese, too. Gathered up every delivery menu I could, and then stopped for pho as my first DC meal. Above is tonight's dinner: bean curd and eggplant.

I promise to take and post more scenic pictures than extreme closeups of chinese take out. I saw some good signs this morning walking to my first day of work. Will try to remember to bring the camera tomorrow.


lawyertx said...

Jessica --
I didn't realize you had a blog until now. I will check it frequently to see how well you like life in the fast lane. Regards to Dasher when you next seem him.

Jess said...

Will be sure to give dash love from you, but:
(1) not sure who you are, and
(2) he's with momma back in tx :(

I do get regular updates on the cute little psycho, but he's not really into the phone