Wednesday, June 6, 2007

Possum Edition

From the May 24 Texarkana Gazette listing of Memorial Day weekend activities:


Activities during the Memorial Day weekend will include lake tours, a class called ‘Duct Tape 101' and pet the possum. Millwood State Park is located nine miles east of Ashdown on Arkansas Highway 32 on the north side of Millwood dam. Activities include:

  • Duct Tape 101. Duct tape has a million and one uses from air conditioner repair to crafts. Learn the history of duct tape and how to use it. How about duct tape roses, wallets and ties? Meet at the picnic tables by Area C Bathhouse.
  • Pet the possum. Come see, touch and learn about the state's only native
    marsupial. Meet at the tables by Area C Bathhouse.

I tried to correct the most glaring of the typos and grammatical errors. Otherwise, straight out of the local paper!

Love from the trenches,

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