Thursday, July 26, 2012

50 Shades of BFF

What do you do with your BFF? With my BFFs, I'm likely to see a show or, more likely, just chat for a few hours at a restaurant or museum or at home or, in summer, at the rooftop pool. And, often, recently, we chat about 50 Shades of Grey. Specifically, wtf is the fuss about? (Since we haven't read it and it seems so ridiculous to pay so much for what is described as a badly written sex book when you can find badly written or filmed porn online for free.)

And dates?  Especially first dates, when BFF-ness isn't established? I've done plenty 2 hours'-worth of chatting on first dates. In coffeeshops and bars and restaurants. And in parks and museums and at sports or theater or dance events. I can't recall ever discussing 50 shades of grey at any of these dates.

SOO... Brian Feldman, CapFringe artist and BFF for hire.  Not really a BFF and not really a first date.  During CapFringe, Brian and his BFFs (i.e., 1-person audiences) have spent their 2 hours together going bowling, eating/drinking at Hooters (among other fine establishments), and standing in line to apply to Metro's new anti-busking busking program.

SO... when I met Brian last week at the start of our 2 hours together, I suggested we read 50 shades of grey out loud.  Brian was game.  I mentioned how much I love public transportation and suggested we read it on the Circulator bus to Georgetown.  (Side note: I love public transportation. I love the dynamics of watching people, but not overtly. I love the random, diverse mix of people to watch. And the potential for crazy people.) Brian was game.  (Side note 2: I love the BFF for hire idea.  BFFs for hire seem very agreeable.) 

It was the beginning of rush hour, so the bus wasn't fully packed, though we did have to stand. And we read.  Starting at page 1. Alternating pages and filming each other. (And Brian live tweeting it. #eroticfiction #fiftyshades)

The writing is awful. And I already dislike the characters.  And we didn't get to any sex scenes.  But, the giggles and snorts of the 50-something woman next to me, her full knowledge of just exactly what we were reading and her enjoyment of it, made the entire experience worth it.

In Georgetown, we got off the bus to get beverages for our sore reading throats.  And chocolate.  

And chatted while waiting for a bus back to CapFringe (and some more 50 shades).  My CapFringe review:  Did it live up to its description? Did "hanging out with one of DC's top performance artists" "change my life"?  Not really.  Did I "explore friendship ... through 'friend building'"? Not really. But I laughed and got a kick out of doing something I wouldn't ordinarily do with friends or on a date. Verdict:  5 stars. Better than most first dates where I don't think there will be a second date.