Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Clandestine Action Shot!

Vietnam vet drinking malt liquor on the P6 bus tonight.  He got on the bus at the stop after I did.  I know he's a vet because he had a VA hospital wristband on the wrist not in the photo.  And because he kept yelling his status at the bus driver each time she threatened to throw him off the bus for drinking "that vodka," as she called it.  "I served in Vietnam!"  Swig.

And he wasn't just ballsy about the drinking.  He walked on without paying and the driver threatened to throw him off for that, too.  "I don't intend to pay!" Swig.

He and the bus driver bickered like an old married couple.  After a few exchanges with the bus driver who obviously wasn't throwing him off, he got more comfortable and took longer swigs.  That's when I took this picture.  He also started trying to engage other bus passengers to rally 'round him against the bus driver, without success.  Maybe because he prefaced each appeal with a slurred "Hey nice black lady," or "Hey nice black man," or "Hey nice white man," before yelling "I served in Vietnam!"

He was still trying when I got off the bus, telling me "Don't give up nice white lady."  I love the buses so much.

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