Monday, August 24, 2009

Machete Edition

I finally figured out how to use the SD card slot on my new computer and uploaded some pix from my camera. And I realized I had two entirely separate machete-related photo albums.

Here's a picture I took last month of the flagpole at the massacre site in Goliad, TX.

Under the Texas flag is the Goliad, or Texas Independence, flag, circa 1835. That's right. It's a blood red arm holding a bloody machete, because the Texians would rather cut off their arms than be subjects of Mexico. Didn't work out too well. It is a massacre site, after all.

And, entirely unrelated, but for the machete, is this photo I took down the street from my place in DC this summer:

Wtf is anyone doing clearing brush with a machete in downtown DC? But, who am I to say anything? One, he has a machete. Two, I bought the $3 polyester version of the Goliad flag at the massacre site gift shop and have it hanging in my office. I guess I just can't help it. I have the Texas Independence Trail in my blood.

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