Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Cruelty Edition

I am cruel. I had to sneak this picture of the woman two people ahead of me in line at the library. (Yes, I went to the library again on the way home from work tonight.)

It wasn't just that the buttons on the back of her shirt were covered in dry cleaner's foil. That happens, you know? But, she looked like like she had been in that outfit all day in an office. And, if she'd been in the office all day in that shirt, how could nobody have mentioned the tin foil on the back? That's just cruel.


Laura said...

Maybe noone in her office likes her so they PURPOSELY didn't tell her?

yomama said...

Maybe she was hard up for foil & was saving it til she got home. Also, I loved the guy on the street screaming that he carried his privates on the "right side!" I also LOVED the whole bit on synchronicity especially the girl who liked purple & due to 100% humidity that day, your purple lighter just stuck to her skin for the photo!!! Loved it! Love, yo mama