Wednesday, April 15, 2009

99 and 44/100% Pure Edition

I guess this is obituary week at the Texarkana Dispatch. First, Judith Krug, first amendment champion, and now Marilyn Chambers - ivory soap mom, porn star, and plastic surgery victim in the early Cronenberg film Rabid, who died last weekend. See what I did with my Chambers-autographed Behind the Green Door video here. Read the NYT obit here.

I saw Rabid in one of the "film fests" I did with my friend Anthony when we were in college. We'd basically rent every movie we could get by a particular director and watch every one in chronological order over the course of a (usually very long) day in one of our living rooms. Sometimes we had guests pop in and out for one or more of the films, but often it was just me and Anthony. Let me tell you, a full day of David Cronenberg is rough going.

If only I believed in an afterlife . . . How awesome to think of librarian/anti-censorship crusader Judith Krug and pure mom/porn queen Marilyn Chambers meeting in the hereafter. Sweet.

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