Saturday, September 15, 2007

Another Day, Another Parade Edition

The Four States Fair and Rodeo started its two week run last night in Texarkana, and this morning was the parade. As always, it goes down Broad St. in front of my window. So, for those who couldn't make it, here's a statistical summary of the parade action:
  • flags representing participating states: 4 (Texas, Arkansas, Oklahoma, and Louisiana, for those not familiar with the region)
  • VW bugs touting botox and juvederm: 1
  • "sex is mint [sic] for marriage" floats: 1
  • "woo! pig sooie" signs: 1 (again, for those out of the region, this is a surprisingly small showing)"
  • we [heart] our troops" floats: 1
  • "we support our troops" floats: 2
  • "salute our troops" floats: 1
  • shriners in fezzes in mini-cars: 6
  • "drumline for faith, hope & love": 1
  • high school bands: 3
  • cheer squads: 9 (where were their bands?)
  • Texas state rep. republican candidates proclaiming "Illegals go home!": 1
  • antique cars: 21 (including an el camino. not so antique, but in the line with the others)
  • tricked out trucks/cars: 7
  • rodeo-ers on horseback: stopped counting after 150
  • "I heart Jesus" saddle blankets: 1
  • baby miss__, tiny miss__, little miss___, petite miss__, junior miss__, queen miss__, li'l ranch -princess, -sweetheart, -queen, supreme miss__, supreme queen, li'l pee wee queens: 33 (including petite miss maud, approx. 6 years old, with obvious hair extensions)
  • li'l mr.__, li'l ranch king: 3
  • teen miss__: 4 (including a shoeless miss texarkana texas outstanding teen - the shame!)
  • (full grown) miss__: 4
  • retirement community floats carrying senior citizens dressed as pirates: 1
  • random (possibly interloping) men dragging an 8-foot cross: 1

Next parade probably for veterans day. Next big parade for christmas. Make your reservations now!

love from the trenches,

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