Saturday, June 9, 2007

Pork and Crime Edition

#1: On the Texas side of the state line the main high school is Texas High, and, not surprisingly, on the Arkansas side of the state line, it's Arkansas High. Big rivalvry between the tigers and hogs. From Texarkana Gazette this week (with a nod to Andy for the heads up):

Arkansas High School recently announced its Top 10 graduates of 2007. . . .
Catherine Margaret Maness, Valedictorian, . . . will attend the University of
Connecticut to major in pre-med. She was awarded a Presidential Scholars
Award Scholarship. Catherine was chosen as student of the year in Physics
and Pre-AP Biology and awarded AP Scholar. She was also chosen as porker beauty queen, this year.

I think Arkansas wins this one. Go Hogs!

#2: From today's Texarkana Gazette: My ex-neighbor is charged with embezzlement. She moved out ... um - quickly ... last fall. I bought a divan from her when it wouldn't fit in the moving van.

Think I should renegotiate the price now?

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