Saturday, October 30, 2010

Clusterfu@#k for Sanity and/or Fear

I arrived at the rally by 3rd street at around 11 am and it was already sardine territory. The stage was at 3rd street and the furthest jumbotron and speakers were at around 6th street. I got anxious, so kept moving further back through the crowd. I wandered along the mall to about 14th street or so, and there were still more people. We couldn't hear a thing but each other. But there were great signs:

And one Footloose reference:
And many, many, many pro-masturbation signs:

And several anchor baby signs:

And great costumes, including everyone's four favorite fast food icons:

and Jesus:

And, of course, Nixon and fat Elvis:

I found 11 Waldos (though only got pictures of 7 of them). Here's one:

There are many more photos (including the other 6 Waldos) on the Dispatch on Facebook.

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