Monday, June 14, 2010

Pimpin' out the Presidents

(photo by unindicted co-conspirator unnamed co-worker)

Was outside the office today when I saw Presidents Abe and Teddy ambling down the street with several of their handlers.  I'm guessing they (and by they, I mean the presidents minus Teddy) only run when it's the fourth inning at Nationals Park.  So, they ambled on over and were kind enough to let me take my picture with them.  (Some, like my co-worker, might say this isn't "kindness" so much as "job description.")  A bit later, as we were heading to lunch, we see this:

(photo by unnamed co-worker)

Now I'm too short to get the full picture, but eagle-eyed 6-foot+ co-worker sees that Abe and Teddy are participating in a hamburger eating contest alongside various law enforcement officers.  Just a guess --  Teddy probably got corralled into a photo with some tourist and then got handcuffed by one of the defending burger eating champ U.S. Capitol Police officers and never got to finish the contest.   Teddy never wins.


Anonymous said...

Unnamed coworker is such a killjoy.

Unnamed coworker said...

It's true. He's the worst.