Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Outer Space Edition

I'm strolling, taking the long way home after attending an end-of-day
hearing at the House. Just saw this lovely little space person in the
cross walk in front of the air and space museum.
And it made me ask myself: am I nuts, betting on the goodness of
humans? To explain: after the $6 cab ride to the hearing, after the
cab driver had employed some sweet driving maneuvers to bypass
unusually bad traffic, he told me he had no change for a big bill. I
had a 20 and a 5 and he said he'd take the 5. But he deserved a good
tip for his sweet sweet driving. I gave him the 20 and my card and
told him to drop a 10 at my office tomorrow. I know I may never see
that money. But he didn't seem to be scamming me. So I just bet $10
that human goodness isn't out of this world.

UPDATE:  Except for leaving a very nice comment on this post, my cabbie has been MIA.  :(


Anonymous said...

Was in an NYC cab last year with a friend who left his $300 phone plus a list of contacts, worth tens of thousands if not more, in the cab with almost zero battery life on the phone. I called his phone from mine about 5 minutes after realizing the phone was still in the cab. The cabby answered and drove back to us across town to meet us and return the phone. Offered a $40 tip for the phone return but he would only take $20. We'll see if D.C. can match it.

Scam Artist said...


This is the cabbie. Sorry I'm late in you you're money back. I'm on the way over now with a crispy Alexander Hamilton!

See you soon.