Tuesday, March 2, 2010

OMFG Edition

Now that I'm no longer living in Texas, I have to experience Texas elections from afar.  One of my fondest memories of Texas elections up close: I was working at a San Antonio precinct for a primary election.  One of the voters asked me where the button was to vote the straight party (I won't say which one) ticket.  Not sure he really understood when I explained to him that, in the Texas primary election, all the candidates he was considering were from the same party.  

Anyway, I was checking out the Texas primary election returns tonight.  Beyond the candidates and offices, I always like to check out the party resolution/proposition questions, like these voted on today by TX GOP primary voters:

Good god, can't you put the comma inside the quotes?  


Rachel T said...

Funny thing. This year was my first year voting in a primary since becoming a citizen. I was most offended when they asked me in front of everyone which party I was voting for, I thought it was supposed to be private! Then someone explained that they needed to know to bring up the correct ballot for me. Strange system, I really wasn't prepared to announce my party politics to my neighbors. Next time I will go prepared and slip then a note, ha!

Recalcitrant Lemming said...

I am exceedingly happy you have gotten up in the ballot committee's business about its punctuation. In fact, this is the only sort of punctuation I really believe might qualify as a matter for public debate. For example, perhaps we could convince the members of the committee that the comma belongs inside the quotations with God because it is the only part of the sentence where we can guarantee the poor unfertilized gamete some sanctuary from splicing or, worse yet, accidentally damning itself by putting asunder what God has united. What do you think?