Monday, March 29, 2010

Emergency Gentrification Edition

Very excited that the neighborhood farmers market is starting its season this week.  But these signs the city put up today on every tree on that block?  "EMERGENCY" just seems to be the wrong word for an event taking place weekly from April through December.  Whatevs, they're paper signs;  they won't last 8 1/2 months on a downtown tree.

In other signs of the gentrification of downtown DC around the Penn Quarter/Chinatown/Mt Vernon area:

From down the street circa September '08.  The sign is long gone, and I don't know that this is related, but there's been a lot less tranny prostitution action in the alley behind my place since I first moved here and took that photo.  In fact, haven't seen any from my balcony vantage in months.  Just the random urinator every now and then.  Ahh . . . gentrification.

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