Thursday, December 3, 2009

Choose your Amendment Edition

Last year, Jon Stewart helped me understand whether or not I was a real American.
I think back to that simpler day when I had only to choose: First or Second Amendment? Today, my world is so much more dangerous, so much more complex. Today, I had both!

This morning, I was driven out to the 'burbs to replace my lost work ID. Specifically, I was driven to an office in the NRA building in Fairfax, VA. Did you know the NRA building also is home to the National Firearms Museum? Neither did I! Unfortunately, it was one of those days, so even though I took about 4 pix -- including one of a lobby window with oodles of guns and another of the text of the second amendment in gold letters -- only this one crappy picture came out:

But, wait! There's more! I got the new ID, went back to work, and after work saw this sign from the American Humanists (aka, atheists) on the 54 bus:

I'm proud to be an _________

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