Saturday, November 14, 2009

Mortification Edition

Dull afternoon of errands at some neighborhood businesses: pharmacy, dry cleaner, hardware store, supermarket. Saw the Snuggie for Dogs at the hardware store. Part of me wants to send it to my little Dascher for Hannukah. Part of me wants to vomit.

My mortification at what our society has come to is expressed best by this boy, who let me take his picture in front of the supermarket:

Yes, he was walking down the street like that. His mom didn't seem to find as much humor in it as I did.

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yomama said...

Humor is alive all around us. Creative types zoom in...thru their unique prisms, capturing the comedic in the ordinary, the mundane. The little guy strolling along, clutching his mama's hand, while that brown grocery bag quietly bounces over his head is hilarious! So casual. Priceless. I felt it! I loved it! Love, yo mama