Thursday, May 1, 2008

WWJB Edition

Hello all!
National Day of Prayer was well observed in Texarkana. I passed a prayer rally in front of the federal courthouse/post office building downtown on my way back from lunch. And it raised the question: Not WWJD, but WWJB?

That's right: Who Would Jesus Bomb? Check out awesome pix of inappropriate (on so many levels) Jesus Missile from the rally.

And for those I haven't yet told, the dispatches will soon be ending. I leave Texarkana in 2 weeks for my new job in D.C. More details to follow when I know where I'm living. EEK!! Though I will try -- between packing, and finding a place to live, and going to work, and doing a cross-country move -- to take photos of some of the crazy stuff around town I've been meaning to dispatch to you before I go.

Love from the trenches,

ps - thanks to Skotnik for the bracelet idea

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