Saturday, May 17, 2008

Bar Mitzvah Edition

Today I'm going to Texarkana's first Bar Mitzvah in almost a decade. Yes, Texarkana has a synagogue, with about 35 families. We have a once-a-month visiting rabbinical student during the school year. That's Rabbi Matt above, in front of the courthouse christmas tree this last winter, with most of him in Texas and his elbow in Arkansas.

Rabbi Matt is great. The evening this photo was taken, we had played pool. All the tables were full, so we had to play these three very nice hoochie-mamas to win a table. One kept shaking her bountiful parts in front of the pocket Matt was shooting at, to distract him. At the end, when sure-shot-Matt was lining up his shot at the eight ball, the girls were all standing back watching the loss of their table and Matt looked at the shimmy-girl and asked her, "Aren't you going to try to distract me?"

Matt story #2: we went to the rodeo last fall. As we're walking around, a woman we passed said hi to me. Matt asked who she was, and I told him it was the girl who worked at the porn shop next to my loft:

The closest Texarkana has to Saks Fifth Avenue. Anyway, the porn brings me back to the bar mitzvah. In my family, it's kind of a tradition for the fun older aunt/cousin to give the young man/woman a playboy/playgirl magazine since, "Today you are a (wo)man." I had to restrain myself today from going into Le Sak's to get Texarkana's bar mitzvah his magazine.

The packing is basically done. I actually scheduled my move for Monday just so I could still be in Texarkana for the bar mitzvah tonight. So, I've had lots of time for a relatively relaxed and blogging-friendly move-out, but I'll have a probably miserable and rushed move-in. It's worth it.

Love from the trenches,


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